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Special Publication No. 16
Polypodium Cultivars and Species

Martin Rickard (2019) vi + 320 pages; over 400 illustrations
We are excited to announce the release of Martin Rickard’s new book, a comprehensive study of the genus Polypodium. Martin gives well-written descriptions of each species and cultivar worldwide, illustrated with excellent photographs. All known species, hybrids and cultivars of Polypodium worldwide are included and the true identities of many areas discussed in detail. A great addition to a burgeoning fern literature home library. It would make a great gift for all your fern friends! The second edition is the same size as the first but with some minor updates.

UK: £3.00

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Special Publication No. 15
Fern Albums and Related Material

Michael Hayward & Martin Rickard (2019), 226 pages
Fern albums were collections of pressed ferns mounted into specimen books, many of the books containing the specimens being especially made for this purpose. The authors of this fascinating and well researched book on fern albums, Michael Hayward and Martin Rickard, have been interested in the subject for many years, searching for them worldwide in museums and botanical libraries, collecting and collating the data and meeting or corresponding with the curators to discover their history and how it relates to the Victorian Fern Craze that became an obsession for a generation or more.
Travellers to the farthest corners of the globe brought back albums that they had created, but in New Zealand a cottage industry rapidly developed with many individuals creating albums and sets of fern mounted cards to sell as souvenirs. Albums with elaborate carved or inlaid wooden covers became a local speciality, now prized items in many collections.
This attractive book, with over 400 full colour illustrations and much previously unpublished material, will appeal to fern lovers, historians and people who have an interest in this period of Victorian history.

ShippingUK: £3.00EU: £6.00ROW: £6.00
Special Publication No. 14
The Jones Nature Prints - Nature printing and the Victorian fern cult

Michael Hayward (2015), 134 pages + CD of the original prints and text sheets.
Between 1876 and 1880, Col. A. M. Jones produced 48 sets of nature prints to illustrate the varieties of the British native ferns that were then being collected or raised. Around 300 large prints were sent to each subscriber. Michael Hayward sets the scene with an historical review of the nature printing of ferns and with biographical details of Col. Jones and of the principal characters associated with these prints. Eleven of the original sets have been personally examined and analysed, as well as a large archive of alternative prints presented to the BPS by Col. Jones' daughter. The book is profusely illustrated and is accompanied by a CD containing a complete set of images of the prints. Images of the original text sheets sent out with the prints and a searchable compilation of all of Col. Jones' text are also included on the CD. Much of the historical information in the text sheets cannot be found elsewhere.

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Special Publication No. 13
Some Taxa within the Dryopteris affinis complex - a Field Guide

Ken Trewren (2014), 54 pages.
Original text by Ken Trewren; edited and expanded by Anthony Pigott and Alison Evans.
The scaly male ferns are fascinating plants that many people have difficulty in identifying. In his pictorial guide, the late Ken Trewren illustrated and explained the main distinguishing features of many of the recognisable forms covering the species, subspecies, and hybrids that appear in Stace's 2010 New Flora of the British Isles along with some that have not yet been formally named. A great strength of this book lies in the detailed photographs of the key features used for recognising these ferns. Ken Trewren painstakingly put together this remarkable set of images over years of study of the Dryopteris affinis complex.
Special Publication No. 12
Who found our ferns?

John Edgington (2013), 216 pages.
Who found our ferns? tells the story of the discovery of Britain's pteridophytes, from Saxon times to 2012. The lives of those who noticed, collected and described our ferns, horesetails, quillworts and clubmosses are interwoven with accounts of how, where and when they found them.
Includes historical accounts supplemented by recent taxonomic research of 85 taxa that grow wild in Britain and Ireland, or have done so in the past, with details of almost all records before 1724, or later for subsequent discoveries. Comprehensively referenced to primary sources. Over 160 illustrations include engravings from contemporary literature, nature prints, and herbarium specimens. With a list of pre-Linnaean phrase names and their scientific equivalents, chronological summaries of early reports, and a full index of plant names.
ShippingUK: £3.00EU: £6.00ROW: £6.00
Special Publication No. 11
British Fern Gazette, Volumes 1-9 on CD

This CD contains volume 1-9 of the British Fern Gazette along with a listing of British ferns by E.J. Lowe. These volumes contain a wealth of information, not obtainable elsewhere, about the early members of the British Pteridological Society, their propagation methods and the ferns that they grew. Michael Hayward has hand edited the set of files to allow accurate searching with Adobe Reader and the original photographic illustrations have been enhanced.
British Ferns by E.J. Lowe (1891) is the most comprehensive listing of fern varieties then grown. Although the volume is fairly readily available, it is very difficult to search in its paper form, so a scanned and edited copy is included on the CD.
ShippingUK: £1.50EU: £3.00ROW: £4.00
Special Publication No. 10
The Occasional Paper of the British Pteridological Society 1875

This is a facsimile copy of the original published by the forerunner of our society with notes by Michael Hayward and includes a description of the Dryopteris affinis, D. filix-mas and D. oreades complex as well as a Nature Print.
ShippingUK: £1.50EU: £3.00ROW: £4.00
Special Publication No. 9
Fern Books and Related Items in English Published Before 1900

Nigel Hall and Martin Rickard (2006), p. iv, 98, 5 coloured plates.
ISBN 0-9509806-9-2
Bibliographies are fascinating sources of information and invaluable to researchers of the topics they cover. As the authors explain in the introduction, this special publication has been a long time in preparation, but the extensive checking and re-checking has resulted in a book that is as complete as the authors could make it. Here can be found details of authors, titles with details of their publishers, editions and reprints, books of pressed fems, catalogues of ferns for sale and advertising ephemera. Some of these books are comparatively common, but others are incredibly rare.
This publication will be the starting place for any pteridologist, librarian or bibliophile interested in books on fems. It will enable them to assess their collections and look out for necessary additions. However, I have to add a warning here: beware collecting fern books can become addictive.
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Special Publication No. 8
New Atlas of Ferns & Allied Plants of Britain & Ireland

Eds. A. C. Wardlaw & A. Leonard (2005), 98 pages.
ISBN 0-9509806-7-6
This spiral-bound handbook contains 93 distribution maps of the ferns and allied plants, including naturalised aliens and hybrids, of Britain and Ireland. The maps, which show natives as blue dots and aliens in red, and their accompanying texts, were copied under licence from New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora, eds. Preston et al. (2002) [Oxford University Press]. The maps are presented in alphabetical order of Latin name, from Adiantum capillus-veneris to Woodsia ilvensis. The inside covers carry lists of the Latin and common names and there are three pages of references to the original literature.

Special Publication No. 7
Polystichum Cultivars
Variation in the British Shield Ferns

J.W. Dyce
Eds. R.W. Sykes & M.H. Rickard, (20017), 116 pages.
ISBN 0 9509806-6-8
The first edition of this guide was published by the Society in 2005, but has been out of print since about 2013.
Following much discussion it was decided to reprint complete the original edition with no alterations or corrections, but to add a colour section as a supplement. This policy has allowed us to offer this enhanced reprint at the same price as the first edition.
Fifty cultivars are thus illustrated in colour photographs on 16 pages. One additional page of explanation, acknowledgements, and a photograph list has also been added. Where our opinions have changed in specific areas we have occasionally commented under a given photograph because the original text could not be changed. The page number in the original text is given under each photograph.
The original text ran to 100 pages with numerous black and white illustrations. It included discussion on all aspects of nomenclature and attempted to offer standard names for most cultivars currently in cultivation.
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Special Publication No. 6
The BPS Minute Book (1891-1983) on CD by Barry Wright (2002)

633 facsimile pages on CD.
ISBN 0-9509806-5-X
This unique pteridological archive documents the birth and changing fortunes of the BPS - the World's oldest Fern Society - as recorded in 93 years of the BPS Committee Minute Book from 1891 to 1983. The original Minute Book itself - the Society's most valuable document - exists only as a single 3 kg bound volume with marbled covers and ruled lines. Entries are in handwriting in the early years and as stuck-in typescript later. The CD facsimile presents all the 633 pages of recorded Committee deliberations up to 1983. It shows the tea stains and yellowing pages indicative of age.
ShippingUK: £1.50EU: £2.50ROW: £3.50
Special Publication No. 5
The British Pteridological Society, Abstracts and Reports, 1894-1905 (1991)

245 pages.
ISBN 0 9509806 4 1
A facsimile compilation of the reports and papers produced by the BPS during its early years and before regular journals or magazines had been established. It describes the meetings and interests of fern growers from over 100 years ago and their experiences on field excursions, and especially with the finding and growing of cultivars of British ferns in the late Victorian era. Illustrated with black and white photographs and engravings.
ShippingUK: £2.00EU: £5.00ROW: £7.50

Special Publication No. 4
The History of British Pteridology

edited by J. M. Camus (1991), 127 pages.
ISBN 0 9509806 3 3
This multi-author work by leading pteridologists was produced to mark the Centenary of the BPS in 1991. Wide-ranging and very readable, it provides a satisfying overview of the personalities and developments that shaped the BPS. From fossil ferns through antique books, to conservation and horticulture, it gives essential background information on pteridology, including a summary history of the BPS, through the eyes of fern enthusiasts. Illustrated with black and white photographs.
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Special Publication No. 3
The Cultivation and Propagation of British Ferns

by J. W. Dyce (1991), 41 pages.
ISBN 0 950806 2 5
After a brief introduction to fern anatomy and life history, the main part of this publication deals with fern habitats in the wild and the cultural requirements needed in a garden. It describes how to grow ferns from spores, vegetative propagation, and the few diseases to which ferns are liable. It goes on to recommend the species and cultivars suitable for different habitats within a British garden, and the best of the foreign hardy ferns. Illustrated with black and white photographs.
ShippingUK: £1.50EU: £4.00ROW: £5.00


Special Publication No. 2
Fern Names and their Meanings - 2nd edition

J.W. Dyce and J.A. Edgington (2016), 59 pages
ISBN O 9509806 1 7
First published by J.W. Dyce in 1988, and now fully revised and much enlarged. Includes the etymology of generic names of European and many horticultural ferns, the meaning of their specific epithets, glossaries of technical terms and varietal names, and a checklist of current and previous names of all ferns recorded in the British Isles.
ShippingUK: £1.50EU: £4.00ROW: £5.00