General Data Protection Regulations

General Data Protection Regulation
To comply with General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018, we need your consent for us to contact you by email, text, or telephone. As an environmentally-conscious organization, we try to use email communication where possible, rather than paper communications. Please help us by ticking the appropriate boxes below to give your consent. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to us contacting you by post.
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A printed list of members’ addresses is produced in the Bulletin, together with members’ email addresses where we have permission. This list is not published on the Internet.
We only use phone numbers as emergency contacts, when other methods of communication have failed. We do not publish the phone numbers of members unless they are officers of the Society, or request us to do so (e.g. Fern Nurseries).
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For the purposes of exemption of the Society from registration, prospective members please note that all membership & subscription details are held on computer file. Members may, on request, see a copy of their own entry. A full membership list and updates are published regularly in the Society’s Bulletin.
You can email the membership secretary for further information.