After a somewhat slow start, this has been the most succesful photographic competition we have had
We had 20 people who entered 112 photographs to the competition
We had 60 people vote
These are the results

Class 1:
First: Sue Dockerill: 22 – Asplenium ruta-muraria
Second: Su France: 38 – unfurling
Third: Dwayne Stocks: 31 – Diplopterigium longissimum

Class 2:
First: Dwayne Stocks: 50 – Deparia petersenii var congrua
Second: Jolanda Nel: 63 – Blechnum brasilliense crozier
Third: Tim Godfrey: 80 – Wheels within wheels

Class 3:
First: Sonia Molino de Miguel: 94 – Prints from the past
Second: Sue Dockerill: 85 – Fern and pot combination
Third: Alison Evans: 104 – Fern panel in snow

Photographer with the most accumulated votes: Jolanda Nel