BPS Photographic Competition 2023

Please note that the rules have changed slightly this year, the changes are shown in bold red type

Entry requirements and rules of the Competition
BPS wishes to encourage members to take good photographs of ferns and fern-related items, and make these available for the enjoyment of other members and the general public. This annual competition is open to all members of the Society who have an interest in photography and wish to share their fern images with others. This year the competition will again be held on-line and will be password protected so that only members can submit photographs or vote. You will need to contact membership@ebps.org.uk if you don’t know your password.

Entries (which must be previously unpublished photographs) will be displayed on the website, and winning entries will be decided by members voting on-line. Winning entries may be included in a special feature in The Pteridologist following the competition. If your photographs are selected for the Pteridologist, the editor will contact you directly for high resolution (print quality) versions of your photogaphs, so please have these available. In addition, and after judging, any or all of the competition entries received may be displayed on the BPS website or used in BPS material for general viewing.

There are three classes in the 2023 competition.
Class One: Fern(s) in a natural (wild) landscape.
Class Two: Cultivated fern(s) in a house, greenhouse or garden.
Class Three: Item or object with a fern-related theme.

Images can be uploaded yourself on the 2023 Competition page using this link. Images must not exceed 250 KB or 1000 pixels wide or 700 pixels high. If necessary, images can be resized using the facility on the website. Alternatively, the images can be sent by email in the form of jpg images to photocomp@ebps.org.uk using, for example wetransfer.com or similar.

Images can be in portrait or landscape mode. No hard copy is required.

As last year, no monetary prizes will be awarded, but as well as the kudos, certificates will be awarded to the photographers voted first and runner-up in each of the three classes. In addition, the photographer who has the most accumulated votes over all three classes will also receive a certificate. So, entering in all three classes will be an advantage!

Entries are restricted to a maximum of three images per class. All images must have a meaningful name, further details such as when, where and by whom the photograph was taken, can be included. The name provided will be the title used to caption the photograph unless the title identifies the photographer (i.e do not include your name!)

All photographic entries to the website must be received by midday 10th April 2023 (UK time)

Entries will be judged by members through the website. Each member will be allowed to cast two votes in each class, for 1st and 2nd, and you will be able to change your mind, though only your last choice will count. Please note that although you will be able to vote for your own photographs your votes will not be counted if you do

Voting will be open from 11th April 2023 and close on midday 20th April 2023 BST
The results will be announced at the AGM on 22nd April 2023