Why have we put the PayPal paymemt pages on a separate subdomain?
The plugin that does our PayPal interface prevents caching of the whole website, which slows down the time it takes to deliver the website to you
If we remove this plugin and put it on its own subdomain, then only the PayPal payments pages are not cached, the rest of the website is cached

After moving the payments pages here, we realised that we have the same problem with all our forms
So now they are all here as well but I could not be bothered to rename the subdomain
Application for a Grant
BPS Trustees Expenses Claim Form – Type A
Change your Personal Details
Donate to the BPS
Fern Hardiness Questionnaire
General Data Protection Regulations
General Data Protection Regulations (Group Leaders)
Join the BPS
Merchandise Personalisation
One-Off Payment
Renew your subscription
Special Publications Out-of-Print
Trustee Details for Annual Return to Charity Commissioners